3 Days Grace and Everything Else

Three Days Grace Band

The band that rocked the world with their songs, “Never Too Late, Animal I have become and Time of Dying (to name a few),” has been jamming the airwaves since 1992.

This Canadian rock band started its humble career in Norwood, Ontario Canada in 1992 playing under the name Groundswell. During their Groundswell days, they were able to record and release an album entitled Wave of Popular Feeling. The inevitable happened when the group disbanded in 1995 but soon regrouped in 1997 now with the name Three Days Grace Band.


Music and Us

Music has played a big role in our lives. As doctors have shared it helps in the brain development of babies even before they are born. It stirs or affects our emotions and creates a calming effect in our body during the tensed hours in our lives. Indeed music or listening to music creates or has a mighty effect in our lives.

Each genre has an effect to us, if you listen to upbeat music then it makes our body feel more energized and pumped up to take on any strenuous activity. If the music is quite slow it can lead us to feel at ease, calm and at times even sad (which is depending on the situation we are in).If love is in the air, then we choose the type of music that will enhance that feeling of love and warmth.

Here are a few reasons why listening to music is beneficial to us.


Three Days Grace: A Deeper Look

I have been and will forever be a huge fan of the Three Days Grace Band. The music and the lyrics of their songs reach more than just the ears but also the heart. There are lots or interpretations about their songs, some say it is about the unique personalities of each band member and some say it is about the problems that they have faced during their career and their journey to stardom. There are other deeper interpretations that tackle problems in life, family, relationships and even on addiction. Whatever the meanings of each song are the important part is that the songs composed and sung by Three Days Grace have touched and left an impact to the listener.